OSSOD Picture Week/ PhotoDay Resource Page

Hey On Stage Family!

I've added this page to provide information and to answer common questions about Picture Week and PhotoDay, the software platform that I've chosen for viewing images and ordering prints/products.  

Step 1 (and the most important step) - is to text OSSOD to 90738.  You can do it at any time - it is never too early.  That puts you in the system and when the images are available for viewing, PhotoDay will text you back to let you know.  

During Picture Week (May 5 - 11), I will be photographing at the studio each day.  The edited photos will be uploaded to PhotoDay and when everything is ready, I will open the gallery.  Everyone who has texted OSSOD to 90738 will receive a text that lets them know the gallery is available. 

Step 2 - After you text OSSOD to 90738, you will get a text back with a link to purchase an Advance Pay Credit.  These are available in fixed amounts - $25, $50, $75 and $100 - and the incentive is a 10% discount on your order.  The opportunity to purchase Advance Pay Credits expires on April 30.  In addition to individual prints and other products, there are packages available.  If you follow the link to check out the Advance Pay Credits, you can see the packages offered by scrolling down.  

Step 3 - I have also built in a Free Shipping offer for orders over $50 called "Dance Moms Deserve Free Shipping" and the redemption code will be "DANCER".  Keep that in mind.  

Step 4 - Be aware that I have to leave the images with a wider than normal base format to allow room for cropping to all of the different print sizes.  As you are going through the ordering process, you can crop to fit the specific prints that you are ordering.

Check out the video below to get an introduction to the entire process.

Introduction to PhotoDay

OSSOD Picture Week is Sunday, May 5 - Friday, May 11

PhotoDay will text you back when the images are ready!

***If you text OSSOD to 90738, PhotoDay will text you back when the galleries are ready for viewing!***

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