John is an artist in the most whole sense of the word. I worked with him for the first time back in December of 2021 after he'd done a few of my classmates' headshots and it was nothing short of an artistically fulfilling experience. I've done photoshoots/ modeling before, but as an actor first I didn't expect to gain the amount of appreciation for the work that John does that I did in just one short headshot session. John not only shared with me techniques that would accentuate the shot, but he also encouraged me to not compartmentalize my skills as an actor, just because I didn't have a script in front of me. Truly wasn't expecting to have such a revelation during a routine headshot refresh but I couldn't shake the realization I'd had that art is art is art and that all of the skills we learn are transferrable interdisciplinarily. Even though we are on different ends of the art spectrum, we understood each other's respective verbiage and it made the session so so so enjoyable, fruitful, and special. BOOK. WITH. HIM.   Chandler Bryant (UNCSA alum)

John is an amazing photographer. He is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable from the start. He produces high quality work. I love working with him and I highly recommend him for any of your photography needs!   Lauren Smith (NYMMG)

John was an angel to work with! It was absolutely incredible experience and I will definitely be coming back for more photoshoots. This was my first experience with a professional photographer and John did an amazing job at making me feel safe and comfortable. I took my modeling digitals with him and did a creative photoshoot and I’m more than happy with the final product. John also made it a point to get to know my style and what looks I feel the most confident in, which I’m so grateful for. An incredible experience and John is now my go to photographer!    Kassandra Rubio (Locke Models)

John is such a kind, talented, and well-rounded individual! I worked with him a few weeks ago and I could have not been happier with the results! He truly knows how to direct a model and give them the best tips possible to make sure that everything looks fantastic! I also felt so supported, seen, and appreciated during my shoot with him. I would 100% recommend working with John as he puts so much effort and passion into what he does. Do not miss out on his skills, drive, and dedication!   Vama Shah  (Westhaven Mgmt, AstraTeens)

John and I worked on a set few weeks ago. It started with planning outfits, he helped me pick outfits from an online store and he picked a few outfits from a local boutique for a vintage look. When I saw the results, they just looked like art. I I’m amazed by John’s work. He has directed the shoot with attention to detail and helped me with posing. He also has an eye for fashion, I felt like I found a photographer and a stylist in John. He made me feel more at ease and comfortable during the shoot. He also delivered my photos very quickly. I loved working with John and would love to work with him more in future.    Swathi Blum

I have shot with John on a few occasions and could not recommend him more highly! He is extremely attentive to detail, puts a lot of thought and effort into lighting, set, and style of each shoot, and the result is always amazing. I have gotten some of my best photos in my portfolio from our shoots!   Julianne Herring (Marilyn's Agency)

It is always an absolute pleasure to work with john! he’s creative and gives his input on hair, makeup, and wardrobe options making the experience much easier and more fun. John has a very good eye and pays attention to detail so you know you’re getting the best shots possible. He’s creative, professional, and polite. when we work together, he provides a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere which really puts you at ease.    Kelly Irvin (NYMMG)

I have worked with John twice now and both times I was so excited and pleased with the outcome. Not only is he professional, but he goes out of his way to offer guidance, tips and creative ideas to make sure you are happy with how the pictures turn out! He is very personable and I couldn’t recommend him more.    Loren King  (Locke Models)

I have had the pleasure of working with John to build my modeling portfolio and he is one of the best photographers I know! He has a keen eye for detail that keeps me coming back and he knows his way around studio lighting like a pro! Even if you are camera shy, he is skilled at posing you to look your best. If you book Decoro Images for your next shoot, you will not be disappointed!    Sarah Boudreau (Marilyn's Agency)

It’s always an amazing experience working with John! His attention to detail, professionalism, and courteousness is unmatched. Each shoot we do is well thought out and organized. John has such a calm energy and always makes me feel comfortable, the results are superb every time. I will always recommend his services to anyone looking for portrait work!   Ashley Revales (Marilyn's Agency)

John is a great photographer with endless creativity! He and I have worked multiple times and I enjoy creating art with him. He is kind and hard working. We have been published in magazines together. His quality of work is professional and breathtaking!   Aieshwarya Singh

Probably my all time favorite experiences modeling so far have been with John. He does incredible work, delivers the product to the model so efficiently, and is overall a wonderful and caring human being. We have such a blast every time we shoot together. His work is extremely collaborative and he makes any model feel comfortable, whether they are a seasoned pro or someone who is just starting out. Please work with him! You will not regret it!     Helen Textor (Elon Acting)

John is an amazing, talented photographer and all around great person to work with! His studio is professional and comfortable to work in. Him and his style are both professional, clean, and creative! Unlike some photographers he will remember your name and cares for you as a person and a model. If you are looking for a photographer in Winston-Salem he is your guy!     Hannah Kircher

From modeling portfolio to headshots to conceptual work - John does it all. I have worked with John twice because it is always so enjoyable. He is extremely professional and provides a very fun and safe environment. His studio and extensive knowledge of photography is incredible, but his kindness and his genuine love for photography goes above and beyond. I could not recommend John enough!              Tommi Aleman (Elon Acting)

Had absolute blast working with John. Beside beginning an amazing photographer he is an amazing person. He gives a very comfortable and home feeling environment. He is very professional!!    Gabby Sixtos

I have shot with John a few times now.   We always get some great images that I can use for my modeling portfolio.   I like that he is so kind and patient and goes above and beyond.  Amy Simon (Directions USA)

This year I decided that I wanted to get back into movie background work and possibly submit some headshots to some agencies. After coming across John’s Instagram page, I knew I had to do some portfolio work with him.

I reached out via Instagram message and by that evening, we had already talked on the phone and set up dates for headshots and lifestyle photos. In an era where everyone communicates so easily by text or instant message, a phone call means a lot.

John just doesn’t show up and shoot. He puts a lot of thought into each shoot and makes sure his clients needs are met. Pinterest boards are created and detailed notes are made.

In addition to headshots, John also captured some amazing lifestyle images that I could use on my blog. I appreciate John’s thoughtfulness, attention to detail, friendship and support. I look forward to working with him again in the future.     Jenna Bowman (Westhaven Management)

I have had such an amazing experience working with John. He is an experienced, insightful, prepared, talented, and creative photographer that puts you right at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone for all your photography needs. I very much look forward to working with him in the future.   Jennifer O'Barr  (The Brock Agency)

Amazing photographer to work with. Extremely professional, gives great pointers to help the model, & his studio is amazing. Highly recommend for any event or shoot you need.  Laura Patterson

Decoro Images is the perfect place for all your photography needs! John Hooper created a fun, comfortable, creative, and professional studio environment where I felt free in front of the camera and beautiful. I will definitely be going back for more headshots and any other photo shoots I have!     John is simply amazing!!!    Maya Mays (UNCSA)

John was very professional and sweet! My experience with him was phenomenal and I will definitely be going back to him for more pictures!  Jasmine Tanner

John is delightful to work with. He made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and knew which angles would be most flattering in photos. He communicates very well & was able to listen to my goals for the photoshoot & create what I envisioned very easily.     Amira

I had a great experience working with John. His knowledge of photography and lighting was a great asset to my out of date portfolio. John has many creative ideas to make sure you get the pictures you need to be successful. I look forward to working with John in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.          Landreah Ward

John is a passionate and talented photographer. He did an amazing job on my daughter's senior photos. John took the time to review each outfit prior to the shoot so the locations coordinated with the clothing. We appreciated the time he invested to make it a pleasurable experience. The fun and relaxed shoot was evident in her smile!  Amy Mann

John is an excellent photographer and really worked to cater to our vision! He was very fun to shoot with and found a way to make my personality shine through the photos.   Ashley Poole

This was an amazing experience from beginning to end. John took tremendous time to get to know my daughter and make her feel comfortable in front of the camera. They soon became in sync and it was obvious in the final product. Amazing work by John!! The beauty, personality & character that came out in print was just amazing! My photographer search has come to an end .... Decoro Images for the Win!         Cyndi Pulliam Rice

John is fabulous to work with! He did a large-scale project of new headshots and group shots for my entire firm of approximately 60 professionals. He was professional, yet approachable and easygoing. He did a great job of listening to and understanding my vision for the end result of our images. In the end, he was able to take my vision and make it better. His turnaround time on images was incredible as well. You won't be disappointed if you use John. We'll definitely use him on all of our projects going forward.    

Kelly York, Smith Leonard PLLC

He’s helped me build my modeling portfolio and his work is great. Super easy to work with, very professional, and talented!  Catherine Young  (Locke Models)

John was very patient and easy to work with. His studio was very nice and I immediately felt at ease. I highly recommend Decoro Images.    Gina Griffin

Working with John is always such a great experience! He really knows how to capture the perfect moments. His genuine interest in what the client wants and his extensive knowledge of photography make working with him enjoyable and exciting!   Vanessa Snediker

Works kindly with his clients and has a lot of patience! Replies quickly to questions through call or txt, has amazing tips and quickly gets your photos back to you. Thank you John for all you do! I highly recommend to coworkers, friends and family!     Melissa Atieh

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