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Professional headshots

Like you, I understand that cost sometimes stands between what we want to do and what we can afford. Moving ahead feels better when you know the price. It has also been my experience that each client has something different in mind for their sessions.  Some shoots are on location and others take place in my studio. Some clients want several wardrobe changes/locations and others are just looking for a good headshot. My quotes develop from conversations with my clients about what they want to accomplish. Even so, sharing some approximate charges may be helpful.  

  • ​​Professional headshots in studio, 1 hour, 1-2 edited images, ~$90
  • Studio session, 1-1.5 hour, 1-2 wardrobe changes, 6-10 edited images, ~$100-$175
  • Location session basic, to 1 hour, no wardrobe changes, 6-10 edited images, ~$120-$160 & travel
  • Location session, multiple locations & wardrobes, 6-8 edited images per location, cost would be approximately the # of locations x $120 + travel
  • Art conversions (edited photo to fine art image), add $40 - $50​ per image

After the shoot, I review the images with my client and we select favorites for editing.   I spend a lot of time on my edits and may present fewer final images than other photographers, but all will be beautifully finished.  Once my work is complete, the images are uploaded to a personal gallery. From there, they can be downloaded and shared without restriction. High-quality prints on beautiful papers, gallery wraps, albums and image boxes are conveniently available.  Many print products can be ordered directly from the gallery for home delivery.   

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